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Why our Franchise?

With COVID-19, there is a bigger need than ever for communities to be able to communicate digitally. There is also a bigger need than ever for small businesses to advertise and find new customers. And as we all know, schools have needed and still NEED to be safer. If you want to help your local community with all of the above, you have come to the right place. This is the franchise for you. Welcome to Status Solutions Network.

Established Customer Base and Business Model

With thousands of customers throughout the U.S. and Canada, we have a very unique opportunity to help our local communities. Our franchisees will not have to start from scratch, and will not be working alone, you will have warm leads and a territory team you will work with directly to develop and build relationships with businesses, venues, and schools.

Rapid Start-Up with Quick Franchise Growth

Our business model does not require a storefront, employees or inventory, and is therefore a virtual franchise. All you need is belief and a work ethic, and we will handle everything else for you. We will provide you with the training, marketing support and content creation services to get you started on the road to success. With hundreds of established customers, you are almost guaranteed to have potential venues in your territory.

Status Solutions Network Training Center

Franchisees will be provided with comprehensive training in Westerville, OH. We will teach you all that you need to know to be a successful franchisee. *Franchisees will also have the option to receive training virtually.

Growth Potential

Because our Situational Awareness solutions and advertising platforms can be utilized in any vertical, the growth potential is virtually endless. You will have the opportunity to create an ecosystem of mutual benefit in your community.


You will receive a territory based on your location and needs. We will discuss your territory options and the development of your territory before you purchase a franchise.


Your job is simple. To seek out venues that want the opportunity to have valuable software tools not only improve and save lives, but generate revenue for them, to seek out businesses interested in advertising on those software platforms, and to seek out a school or school district that wants the opportunity to keep their kids safer.

Giving Back to Your Community

Mike MacLeod created the Status Solutions Network with the sole purpose of giving back to the community. Our unique business model allows The Network, made up of communities and local businesses, to give back to their students and seniors, while stimulating their local economy.

“I purchased a Status Solutions Network franchise because I believe that every child deserves to feel safe and supported in their school environment. By providing schools with the resources and tools they need to enhance safety measures, we are not only protecting our children but also bringing our community together through their support. I am proud to be part of this meaningful mission, and I am committed to making a positive impact in the lives of our children and families.”
Thomas Baker - Status Solutions Network Franchisee
Thomas Baker
Global Data Technologies and Status Solutions Network Franchisee