Failing Facilities

Last week my hometown made national news. Columbus, the largest school district in the state of Ohio, found itself without teachers as the CEA (Columbus Education Association) went on strike. While salary was a sticking point in the contract negotiations, it was not the sticking point that led the strike into multiple days. One of the biggest issues facing Columbus teachers and students was the conditions of the buildings they’re working and learning in. 

Across the country, during the warm weather months, classrooms without proper air conditioning, especially those on the second or third floors, easily reach into the high 90s. In the winter, broken down boilers and antiquated heating systems often force students and teachers to spend the day wearing winter jackets as the temperatures plummet. It’s not just climate control that is an issue though, leaky pipes and ceilings often lead to buckets being strategically placed throughout the buildings and there is always the concern of mold growing from these failing facilities. 

The question becomes what can be done? The problem in the education world is that there is simply never enough. There’s not enough teachers, not enough time, not enough supplies, and never enough money. This is most prevalent in our urban schools, which by definition are more densely populated, but the struggle is real in our small rural communities and even the wealthier suburban areas. 

It’s not that the administrators don’t care, but the deficit often feels unsurmountable to them. The truth is though, it doesn’t have to be.


Safety at No Cost

Several years ago Status Solutions began partnering with Safe and Sound Schools.  This organization was founded by Michele Gay who tragically lost her daughter at Sandy Hook. Our founder, Mike MacLeod, made a commitment to Michele and truly to parents everywhere that a lack of funding would never be an obstacle between a school and our SARA (Situational Awareness Response Assistant) platform. Since making that promise, Status Solutions has been offering SARA through a Grant of Use program (or no cost program). By simply signing up, schools have access to a dashboard that will monitor, alert and report almost instantly. However, SARA is just the beginning of the platforms Status Solutions has available. We also have CATIE Mobile (Communication and Access to Information Everywhere) and MIMI (Merging Information into Meaningful Insights). Together these three platforms take a school from not just reacting, but interacting and even being proactive.


Hometown Heros Create a Financial Lifeline

Once again though, we come back to the problem of not enough. That’s where the Status Solutions Network (SSN) comes into play. Status Solutions is committed to helping community members elevate one another, so that not enough becomes a thing of the past, because the reality is, there is enough if we all work together. Our founder, Mike MacLeod calls this an ecosystem of mutual benefit. By taking advantage of our Grant of Use program, a school automatically becomes a member of the Status Solutions Network. Now that the school is a member, a business opportunity has been created for someone who is passionate about where they live. The school can help find the right person. This entrepreneur will work with local businesses who want to support their schools. They will help them  become a Status Solutions Network member, and get their listing in  the Network Directory. These advertising dollars will funnel right back to the schools that originally joined the Status Solutions family through our SARA platform. Then this life-saving technology has also become a financial lifeline to a school. Even better, a local entrepreneur has become a hometown hero, helping erase not enough from the education system’s vocabulary. The money funded back into the school system can be used for any needs. 

At Status Solutions safety is what we do. This goes beyond our SARA, CATIE, and MIMI platforms. If a roof is leaking, it isn’t safe. If the turf on the football field is worn and warped, it isn’t safe. If temperatures in a classroom are nearing 100 degrees, it isn’t safe. We want teachers and students to feel safe in their buildings. We don’t want educators to have to strike to get the facilities that children need to thrive in. That’s why the monies produced from the Status Solutions Network can be used by the school in whatever way they see fit. If there is a need the SSN can help fund it.

For more information and to be a part of the solution, contact us  today.

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