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Creating an Ecosystem of Mutual Benefit with Status Solutions Network

Our founder, Mike MacLeod, has always been drawn to the concept of an ecosystem of mutual benefit. In college, Mike studied biology and forestry, becoming well acquainted with the idea of a balanced ecosystem. As he entered the technology industry he sought to apply this concept to communities of people in order to create a safer and more connected environment for everyone. 

In 2001, Mike founded Status Solutions, a technology company that provides people with the information they need to respond to any threat, emergency, or situation. Over the years, Status Solutions has established customers across the United States and Canada, from healthcare to manufacturing and education. In 2020, our franchise program, Status Solutions Network was launched. Status Solutions Network was made as a way for anyone to start an ecosystem of mutual benefit in their own community by connecting their local schools and merchants with their community’s Status Solutions technology venues. 

The ecosystem of mutual benefit improves the situation of everyone who takes part in it. By participating in Status Solutions Network, schools are provided with life saving technology as well as additional funds for any use. These funds are created by local merchants joining Status Solutions Network. As a member of Status Solutions Network, merchants are able to support their local schools while promoting their business directly to the people in their community. Members are placed in the Network Directory and are able to purchase advertisements in their community’s Status Solutions technology venues, (e.g. senior living homes, hospitals, hotels, schools, and manufacturing facilities). When Status Solutions Network members purchase advertising, the venues receive a portion of those funds to use as they like. 

Creating this network in your community directly benefits the people within it; Children attend safer schools, merchants bolster their businesses while supporting local schools and organizations, and venues gain funds to enhance their technology and improve safety and communication in their organizations.

Our goal has always been a simple one: to help people. With Status Solutions Network, we are now able to invite everyone to join us in that pursuit.

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